We’re Done!!

With the renovation completed, we have uploaded all of our pictures!  We cannot thank everyone enough that came to the Grand Re-Opening!  We will work on getting the pictures on our website soon, but they are on Facebook now.  The links are below.  You do NOT have to have Facebook to view the photos.  THANK YOU for your very generous support throughout this process!

**Renovation – Start to Finish**

**Renovation – Finished Only**


Almost Done!! – 8/4/13

almost doneConstruction is SO CLOSE to being done!  We have decided not to post anymore pictures of the upstairs so that it is a huge surprise for our GRAND OPENING!  The furnishings have started to arrive and we are working to get everything assembled.  Stay tuned for more!…..


Ceiling – 7/11/13


All of the ceiling has been dropped down to allow for ventilation and lighting.


Elevator – 7/9/13

elevatorThe elevator has been installed! It still needs stained and some finishing touches, such as the control panel.


Flooring – 6/22/13

Workers have begun scraping up the old floor.


Heating & Air – 6/22/13

heat and air

The heating & air conditioning units have been installed upstairs.


More Sheetrock – 6/10/13


The sheetrocking is almost done!


Sheetrock – 6/7/13

photo 2

Workers have begun sheetrocking the upstairs!


Plumbing – 6/1/13


The plumbers have been working at the library this week.


Elevator Shaft – 5/23/13


Workers poured the concrete for the bottom of the elevator shaft.


Temporary Wall Removal – 5/20/13


They have taken down the temporary wall downstairs. The left doorway is the kitchen area and the right doorway in where the elevator will be.


Doorways – 5/20/13


Doorways and framing have been installed upstairs.  This pictures shows where a storage room will be located upstairs in the entryway. 


Framing & Ventilation – 5/8/13

7 They have started on the frame for the three small rooms upstairs (mechanical room, elevator, and restroom), as well as the ventilation.


Downstairs Doorway – 5/8/13

They put the doorway in the back of the downstairs portion of the library. Eventually, they will knock out the back wall in the doorway and that will be how you get to the stairs to go upstairs.


Work Has Started on the Elevator Shaft! – 4/9/13


Work has started on the elevator shaft!


New Computer Location – 4/9/13


Due to work taking place in the back of the library, we had to reduce the amount of computers available to three, and move them to the front of the library.


Temporary Wall – 4/5/13


We have a temporary wall up downstairs so that they can begin working on the elevator shaft.


Look at the Ceiling! – 3/29/13


They are making a lot of progress on the ceiling!


Lots of Noise! – 3/19/13


There is lots of noise going on upstairs!  They are doing some demolition on the ceiling so that they can start with the new stuff!  We are progressing!


We Have A Signed Contract! – 3/7/13


Susan Woodard, Director of the Cheney Public Library, signed the contract for our upstairs renovation on Wednesday, March 6th!  IT’S OFFICIAL!  Construction will begin soon!


Construction Dumpster Has Arrived! – 3/5/13

photo 2 If you haven’t been by the library, our construction dumpster has arrived! The project is progressing! We plan to sign the contract in the near future and construction should begin soon.


The Book Vault is Open! – 1/2/13

We are very excited to announce that The Book Vault is now open! The Book Vault has books of all genres, large print, cassettes, DVD’s, VHS tapes, audiobooks, magazines, and more! All proceeds go directly back into new materials for the library. We welcome all donations. Thank you to our patrons, the community of Cheney, and the surrounding communities for your continued support of the library!


Book Sale Room at the Library! – 9/3/12

Have you heard that we are trying to open a permanent book sale room at the library?  We are very excited about how beneficial this will be to the library and the community.

If you would like to make a donation to help complete the project and allow us to open the room to the public, please contact the library.  We would really appreciate any contributions!


Library Receives Gift From ‘Friends’ – 8/23/12

Times Sentinel Newspaper: August 23rd, 2012

The Cheney Public Library’s dream of expansion has taken some big steps toward becoming reality.

At the Aug. 9 meeting of the Cheney City Council, the city approved an increase in the mill levy that will allow the library to undergo an expansion and renovation project. Plans include a reading and studying area upstairs that will also feature a cappuccino bar and kitchen area.

In addition, the library has received several donations from patrons and others, including $1,000 donations each from the Friends of the Library and Home Sweet Box.

“(We) are really proud to donate this $1,000 check to our library and board to help with the renovation of the upstairs,” Mary Slusser, who is with Friends of the Library, said. “Friends of the Library has had lots of fundraisers to make this possible. … Thank you to everyone in our community that has donated anything for these fundraisers because part of the money is what we (gave) to the library.”

The extra donations have helped make a good situation even better for the library expansion and renovation.

“We are going to apply that to the furniture purchases for (the expansion),” said librarian Susan Woodard. “We believe we have the funding for the construction part of the project, so any donations to the library will be for the furnishings.”

While the renovation and expansion will be tailored primarily for young people and young adults, everyone will be able to take advantage of the new space.

“Basically what we’re designing it for is young adults but that does not exclude the rest of community,” Woodard said. “We want this to be an area where people can have study groups, kids can have study groups and patrons can come in and use it as a place to study (or even take tests).

“We are also going to have a kitchen area where they can relax and have a cup of coffee or cappuccino. With us having wi-fi, it’s almost going to be like a mini-Starbucks.”

Woodard also said that the library would keep patrons abreast of the progress on the renovation on its website.

“We will be having something on our website on all the changes we’re making,” said Woodard. “We’re going to show pictures on the web site. I want the public to feel like they can ask about it and see what’s going on.”


Great News!  – 8/10/12

We are very pleased and excited to announce that the public hearing went very well, with no opposition to our expansion!

This means that we are moving forward with the project!

We cannot thank the community enough for everyone’s support!

If you would like more information about the project, come on in and ask us!  We would love to answer any questions that you have!